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    Default RIT team training

    i have read many threads of the uses of RIT teams and equipment but haven't got any really good ideas as to how to implement this training.

    any sugestions please for simple activities to get crews thinking in a rescue mindset of equipped FF etc?

    However my brigade is a small vollie brigade and hence limited in not having any fancy tools and specalised equipment as in Australia the idea of RIT is only just starting to take a hold and hence no one is willing to fund this equipment.

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    So a web search for the Fire Department Training Network here in the U.S, Lt Jim McCormack from the Indianapolis Fire Dept runs it and has a great book you can order.

    Also, check out RICO (Rapid Intervention Company Operations) from Lt Mike Mason of the Downers Grove Fire Dept in Illinois. He also has a great book. Both books have drills you can do and RIT doesn't require any special skills. It's all about having strong basic FF skills.

    They both also offer great classes on RIT, both of which I've been to.

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    thanks I'll have a look

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