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    Default Station Alerting

    I have been trying to find some studies done to bring to the administration to try to change our current station alerting system. We currently have extremely loud bells and tones that go off for every call and they really do scare you to death. I have found many manufacturers that state their systems are "heart friendly" but I would like some hard facts to bring to the administration to try and create a more ear and heart friendly solution. If anyone knows of any studies that they could point me towards that would be much appreicated.

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    Try starting here, It was used for the development of our new alerting system
    NFPA 1221: Standard for the Installation, Maintenance, and Use of Emergency Services Communications Systems, 2007 Edition

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    Default Cardiac Kind Alerting

    Try contacting Westnet (First-In Fire Station Alerting) - they are big into heart friendly station alerts.

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