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    Thumbs down FDNY E311 in MVA in Queens (1-17-08)

    I'm sorry for the late post. I saw this story this morning on the news. I'm a little surprised it wasn't posted earlier.

    Get well, men.

    Essentially, E311 got blasted by a USPS tractor-trailer going to a job in Queens. The engine's crew all sustained injuries (see article), but the news reports that the tractor-trailer driver was the worst off. The engine is totaled.


    NEW YORK -- Eight people were injured, including five firefighters, when a fire truck collided with a U.S. Postal Service tractor-trailerin Queens on Thursday.

    Fire Truck Involved In Serious Crash

    The accident happened around 3:15 p.m. at the intersection of North Conduit Avenue and 225th street in Laurelton, Queens, when the postal truck plowed into the fire engine, leaving it crushed on the side of the road.

    Five firefighters were injured and taken to Jamaica Hospital and are in stable condition, according to police. Three civilians also were injured.

    One of the firefighters, a lieutenant, suffered head trauma and two head lacerations in the crash. Another firefighter had broken ribs. A firefighter responding to the scene was hospitalized after hurting his back, according to the Fire Department.

    The 45-year-old male driver of the tractor-trailer is in critical condition. Initial reports indicated that the tractor-trailer driver had died.

    The driver of a medallion taxi was also injured and removed in stable condition.

    The Fire Department said the truck was racing to an address on 226th Street after the activation of an alarm, but it has been determined that there was no legitimate reason for the alarm to have sounded.

    A reporter from WNBC went to the intended destination of the fire truck. A man at the address said a recently installed automatic alarm went off inadvertently while he was using bug spray. He said he felt awful.

    There is no criminality suspected at this time, police said
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    Hope everything works out for the injured persons and everyone makes a speedy recovery.

    I am going to be interested to hear what the outcome as to the reason of this crash. I remember learning before that a Mail trusk techincally always has rightaway even over emergency vehicles because they used to use them to transport live organs, but I dont think that is the case anymore, and I dont think it ever applied to USPS Tractor trailers. Maybe the truck driver just wasnt paying attention to this BIG RED flashing noisy box coming at him.

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    It appears that the mail truck was cut off into the Engine.
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    Hope everone is doing ok and recovers soon.

    We need a little more info here. Who had the right-of-way? Did the firefighters have their seatbelts on? Just because they had their lights and sirens on doesn't mean (at least around here) they could go through a controled intersection without stopping. Now I'm not trying to sound holier-than-thou here, I had almost the same thing happen a couple of weeks ago without the crash. We were slowly going through a red light, thought we had the intersection because everyone we could see stopped and some one didn't see or hear us and went through the intersection. He almost t-boned us on the pasenger side. This was at a 45mph intersection. This realy woke me up.
    Like I said I don't have all the info on this crash. It looked like a violent crash but, would seatbelts have made a difference in the injurys?

    Remember: We have to get there to be of any help to the people who called us.

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