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    Default Is the EMD course considered a refresher or CEU for EMT-B?

    I was wondering if anyone knew if the EMD course is considered an EMT-B refresher or counted as CEUs? I just recently got hired as a dispatcher, which I am really excited about, and have to postpone my paramedic school that I am right now that would have been my refresher. I currently am a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT/Driver Engineer and have been doing my CEUs anyway. I was just wondering though. I am really excited about dispatching in the same county that I volunteer in though. Any good advise for a newbie dispatcher? I just found out today that I got the job, so I am going to be real new at it. Thanks


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    APCO EMD is what you mean I assume?

    If so it depends on if it was approved by your state/local oversight agency that issues the classes or assigns approval to them for con-ed credit. There is no blanket yes or no policy on this class.

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