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    Default For those thinking of joinging....

    This is for those that come here thinking of joining the Military, be it active duty, Guard, or Reserve, JUST to receive Veteran Bonus on a Civil Service Exam. Read it. Read it well. I'll highlight the important parts for you

    Soldier surprises children at school

    Posted: Jan 14, 2008 05:52 PM EST

    Updated: Jan 16, 2008 07:08 PM EST

    Also on WAVY.com

    Go to the WAVY Blogs and blog this topic

    The word of the day at St. Mary's Star of the Sea catholic school Monday: surprise. Two students, Shannon McNamara, 10 and her brother Nathan, 5, got a big surprise when their father Army Captain Kevin McNamara walked through their classroom doors.

    "Daddy?!" Shannon asked with anticipation before running to her father's arms in tears in front of her 4th grade classmates. Nathan raised his hand, as if to ask his first grade teacher for permission to hug his father. "It's overwhelming," the elder McNamara said.

    It's the first time the soldier has held his children in nearly a year. McNamara had been stationed in Kuwait when he got word that he would be coming back to the U.S. for a 1 week training mission out of state. He managed to make his way to Hampton Roads for the big surprise.

    McNamara said his children had asked him months before if he could bring something back from Iraq. He didn't disappoint. McNamara presented both classrooms with American flags that flew at stations in the country. "I'm not the only military member here; there are plenty of children without mom and dad, so I represent them as well."

    McNamara also kept the surprise from his wife, who would find out why her husband hasn't called home later Monday afternoon. Both children left school early with the father to enjoy a special day. McNamara is scheduled to head back to training Tuesday morning.

    He's scheduled to come home for good in May.

    Now ask yourself why people bite your head off for only being willing to do 180 days.
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    Yeah, kleenix material for sure.

    I've just seen one of those before, the one with the little boy who couldn't stop crying. It was a tear-jerker the first time I saw it and again today.

    That last one, I predict the young lady in white will have a future career as a top-notch TV reporter! What an amazing job those 2 girls did, but especially the one at the end.

    Thanks for posting the videos, and Doc already knows how I feel about his article.
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