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    Default M&W Fire Apparatus

    I just came across M&W Fire Apparatus's website. (and I forgot the like that quickly)

    Apparently they are the leftovers from Grumman. Anyone have any experiance with this manufacturer? My home department ran an '88 Grumman on a Ford C chassis which was unstoppable. Curious how the M&W version rates.

    Now only if someone would bring back the Ford C cabs... lol

    Everything I state on here is to support and aid my fellow firefighters. Everything I post is my opinion only, and in no way should be taken as an official opinion of any Company, Department, or Municipality I represent... oh and this includes Pierce Mfg, as so their legal department has advised me; since they apparently also invented the right to control "Free Speech".

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    M&W employs a lot of people that used to work for Grumman, but the Grumman plant itself (and part of the remaining assets) were purchased by KME. In fact, KME aerials are built in the old Grumman plant, which is a few hundred yards away from the local Pierce dealer.

    M&W is known as a regional manufacturer. I've heard good things about thier smaller vehicles such as brush trucks and mini-pumpers, and also thier refurb services, but a lot of departments that in the Roanoke area (where M&W is located) have decided not to continue thier purchase of this brand. This would include Roanoke City and the Town of Bedford. Ironically, Troutville, which is near Roanoke City, is nearly all-M&W.

    My VFD has a 1990 HME/Grumman that is also unstoppable. My cursory inspection of about a dozen M&W rigs didn't reflect some of these same staples of fit & finish and quality that we saw on the Grummans.
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    Brommall, Pa., Charlestown, Md. and Elkton, Md. are three that I am aware of that continued with M & W after Grumman shut down. I understand that all have or will be looking elsewhere. In each case the change of opinion seems to be concurrent with a change of ownership of M & W that occurred a few years ago.

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    Chiefengineer11 is correct, all 3 depts have issues with the new ownership and quality control. Broomall, who has two M & W's (an 85' Snorkel, in fact one of the only aerials and the ONLY Snorkel that they built) and a pumper, has discontinued their relationship with them.

    Charlestown, Md. is about to (literally any day now) take delivery of a KME after having 2 M & W's. Same story, new owners. They were pretty dissapointed, too, because they had nothing but good things to say about the trucks they had.

    And Elkton, Md. who operates a squrt and a pumper, have had nothing but numerous problems and I am pretty sure will not be returning to M & W.
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    My experience with them has been that their prices are significantly higher than the competition - even higher than the fire trucks that the gods of Appleton make!

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    I wouldn't recommend them. We have 8 M&W engines and there have been several issues with the rigs. Granted, the bodies are mounted on International chassis and half of the problems are with them, but overall the rigs aren't the best. Heck, M&W in my station has been out of service for 7 out of the last 9 months. Lets just say that there will not be any more M&W's or apparatus mounted on International chassis in our department any time soon.

    We are currently buying custom cab Ferraras and so far we are happy with them.
    I can't believe they actually pay me to do this!!!

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    You can view photos of M & W apparatus on the Youngstown Fire Forums by using this link: M & W Fire Apparatus Topic. Also, in case you haven't looked through the Youngstown Forums you can find 1,000's of apparatus photos categorized by manufacturer. Here's the link: Apparatus by Manufacturer.

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