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    Default Is the civil service exam seperate from CPAT?

    I'm just getting started in the firefighter application process and I'm looking for a bit of help. I'm having trouble understanding the different parts of the process, and how they relate to each other, and in what order they need to be completed.

    I called my local fire department today (in Massachusetts), and they said I need to take the civil service test in April. So that's no problem, I went to my state govt website, registered, and started studying for the multiple choice questions. I think that 3 months is plenty to prepare for this.

    But I don't understand what happens after this. The person I reached on the phone at my local town FD said that they would call me after the civil service exam. Should I also register to take the CPAT? or should I just wait after taking the civil service exam. I think the earliest I can take CPAT is june or july, which is good. I need time to prepare.

    And then when is the board interview? after everything?

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    Dont know about it in your state but here in NYS yes they are separate.

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