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    Default Amboy Extrication School-2008

    To all:

    Here is the info for the 2008 Amboy Fire Protection District and Blackhawk Firefighters Association Extrication School. If you are interested, please sign up early. This is a semi-annual school and the last school had nearly 500 FF's, 100 instructors, and 20+ vendors in attendance and 100 cars, trucks, and buses to cut on.

    FYI......We will have an open house at our store immediately following classes. The Illinois Fire Store is located two blocks south of the Amboy Fire Station at 243 E. Main.

    2008 Extrication and Fire School - 7th Combined School

    April 5th 2008
    Amboy Fire Station
    Amboy, Illinois

    The Amboy Fire Protection District and Blackhawk Firefighter Association proudly invites you to attend the 7th Combined Extrication and Fire School. The purpose of this school is to provide up-to-date information on Rescue and Fire Service topics.

    Please visit our sponsors and vendors who will be on-hand at the school. (They make it possible to keep this a low cost conference.) You will be able to view many of the new products that are available. Vendor displays will be open on from 7am to 5pm with no admittance cost to view their wears.

    Earn CEU Credit
    First Responders, EMT’s, and Paramedics will be issued continuing education credit hours.

    Complete the attached registration form and mail it with check payable to:
    Amboy Fire Protection District Extrication School
    C/O Jeff Bryant
    PO Box 58
    Amboy Illinois 61310

    School Location
    Amboy Fire Station
    25 N. East Ave
    Amboy Illinois 61310

    Hotel Information
    County Inn & Suites
    2106 First Ave.
    Rock Falls, Illinois 61071

    Quality Inn
    404 N. Galena Ave
    Dixon Illinois 61021
    Hotel Information-Continued
    Comfort Inn
    136 Plaza Drive
    Dixon Illinois 61021

    Email: jbryant@illinoisfirestore.com

    School Fees-BFFA Member

    School Fees-Non BFFA Member

    All practical class sessions will require full NFPA approved gear for students to participate.
    Any student attending a course requiring a SCBA must bring a department issued SCBA with spare tank and must be compliant with current standards.

    School Information
    No Phone Registrations.
    Registrations are recorded when payment has been received.
    Confirmation of registration can be verified at www.amboyfire.com.
    All registrations and payments are due by: March 15th.
    Class sizes are limited.
    Registration is open starting June 1st, 2007.
    No Cancellations after March 15th.
    Parking for the event will be at the Depot Museum Parking Lot, and Central School Parking Lot, all apparatus will park on East Avenue at the fire station.
    The BFFA 50/50 Drawing will be held after lunch.

    Saturday April 5th 2008

    07:00 to 08:00
    Visit the Vendors

    08:00 to 1700
    School Offerings

    1. Search & Rescue
    North American Search Dog

    2. Extrication with tools of all sorts
    Rock Valley College

    3. Large Vehicle Extrication
    University of Illinois, IFSI

    4. Basic Hand Tools for Extrication
    University of Illinois, IFSI

    5. TNT-Hydraulic Tools
    Sandry Fire Supply

    6. SCBA Course
    University of Illinois, IFSI

    7. Trauma in Review

    8. Hurst- Hydraulic Tools
    5 Alarm

    9. NIMS Cources-100,200, 700
    Rock River Region EMS

    10. LP Fires/ Anhydrous Emergencies
    University of Illinois, IFSI

    08:00 to 1700
    School Offerings- Continued

    11. Weather Spotter / Introduction to Emergency Management
    National Weather Service/ Lee County EMA

    12. Meth Labs/ Crime Scenes

    13. EMS- Back to the Basics
    Lifeline OSF

    14. Hi Angle Rescue
    High Line Rescue

    15. Driver Safety Program—Train the Trainer Program

    16. Complete Trauma Packing and Extrication of the Patient- “What does that really mean”
    KSB EMS Department

    17. Foam on the fire ground
    WS Darley

    18. Hybrid Safety
    Tony Dinges

    19. Amkus-Hydraulic Tools

    20. Confined Space Rescue
    University of Illinois, IFSI

    School Registration Form
    Please print clearly

    First & Last Name Department Name

    Home Address

    City State Zip Code

    Telephone Number Email Address

    Please note that AFPD has the right to cancel or close session based on registration. Sessions will be filled on first come first served basis. Space is limited.

    Put number of class in blanks 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
    -above in order of choice
    Release of Liability
    Amboy Fire Protection District Extrication and Fire School- April 5th
    Certain areas of training require great physical effort. It can be hazardous to a person with heart, respiratory or other physical problems. I understand that during this training program, I will wear protective clothing and equipment, which put extra strain on my lungs, heart, and ability to cool off during exercise. If I feel that exercises conducted as part of the training my affect my health, I will alert the instructor immediately; this may include increased heart beats, claustrophobia, exhaustion, or the effects of heat or cold. I understand that physical exertion is required, and I realize that an accident may occur during the training which could cause me injury. I realize that it is possible that I could become sick or ill during the training. In consideration of the opportunity to participate in this training, I, for myself, my heirs, assigns, administrators, waive, relinquish, and surrender any claim or cause or action I or they may have against the chosen Instructor, the Amboy fire Protection District, all individuals and organizations affiliated with this school and an person agent, officer, employee, of them acting on their behalf or on behalf o anyone of them arising out of such training.
    I hereby certify that my department/agency has its own insurance to cover me during my involvement in training.

    Name of Department: _

    Department Address: _

    Chief/ Authorized Person: Print: _

    Student Name: _

    Stay safe,


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    Several of the good ole' Ohio boys will be there. Not sure how many but I think we have had 7 firefighters turn their sheets in plus a lot of our first responders will be there so you can rest arssured on a strong Ohio presence.
    "Let's Roll." Todd Beamer 9/11 first soldier in the war on terror

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    Sounds good! Hopefully, the turnout will be as strong as past years. I believe that there is already over 150+ people pre-registered.

    Stay safe,


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    It's a little late but just wondering what everyone was gonna be taking this year in Amboy. I believe me and a couple other guys from my department got Large Vehicle Extrication. Hope everyone has a good time and learns alot because there is a lot of experience there to learn from.
    "Let's Roll." Todd Beamer 9/11 first soldier in the war on terror

    "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. And to the republic for which it stands ONE NATION UNDER GOD indivisible,with liberty, and justice for all.

    I.A.C.O.J. Probie and darn proud of it.

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    To all:

    I hope everyone had a good time on Saturday!

    There were more than 500+ firefighters taking classes from nearly 100 fire departments across IL, WI, and IA. Also, thank you to all that participated in the fellowship after the school.

    Mark your calendars, the next school will take place in April of 2010.

    Thanks again,


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