Albemarle County is in central Virginia, approximately 726 square miles and roughly 90% rural. If you google map us, you'll find us centered on the US29 and I64 intersection. With 90% of the county being rural we have few or no hydrants in many areas. We have 7 volunteer stations and 2, 24hr career stations covering a fast growing county. I've been teaching Rural Water Supply heavily for 9 years now and would like to put a different spin on the class. I would like to put together a seminar type confrence with speakers and round table sessions. But to initiate such an endevor I need to be able to demonstrate to my boss that there is intrest in this type of conference. If you have a rural water junkie or would like to get involved or hear from a group of folks all discussing the rural water puzzle, let me know. Thankyou ahead of time for any and all responses.