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    Question Door Tags ("While You Were Out")

    We are looking at implementing a door tag program to inform residents if the fire department responded to their house. Essentially, we would leave a "door tag" at the residence if no one answered the door and no key holder showed up.

    Does anyone have a similar program in place? If so, do you have any sample door tags? I am looking for sample wording and what "fill in the blank" fields you have (i.e. We did/did not make entry, type of alarm, etc.)?

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    My department does not have a "door tag" policy. My concern, as an ex-cop, is that the presence of a door tag could be used as a marker by some elements of society as an invitation to help themselves to the empty residence. Kind of like the overflowing mailbox, newspapers on the front steps, etc.

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    Could you be more specific on why you responded to this residence.

    If you responded because of a fire alarm, would the alarm company not notify the owner of an alarm activation and that the FD showed up and whether they made entry or not?

    In our area, the alarm company would first call the residence. If no one answers, then they would leave a message concerning what alarm was activated.

    Now if we made entry, I believe the owner would know it
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    The idea is for a tag to use for automatic fire alarm responses. We want to increase our "customer service" efforts to the public. One of the majority of calls we respond to is automatic alarms.

    After giving it some thought, I think a better approach is a flyer / pamphlet that has ideas/suggestions on how to prevent false alarms. Any ideas for this approach?

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    There are two (2) situations that we leave door tags:

    1) My FD installs free smoke detectors at an occupant's request. Typically, we receive a request from an inspector after the occupant calls and requests one. Once we receive the request, we call the occupant from the station prior to going to the address listed in the request. Often, the request form lists acceptable times to come and install a detector. If we go to the location at a specified time and no one is home, we leave a "sorry we missed you" door tag. This tag lists contact numbers to call and reschedule. It serves a few purposes: 1) to let the occupant know we were here, and 2) to let anyone in the FD chain of command know we completed the request from our end.

    2) If we cause damage to a residence or building trying to ascertain if an emergency exists, i.e. automatic fire alarm or medical alert. If we cause damage, we leave a contact number so we can explain the circumstances.
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