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    Question Customer Service Surveys

    We just redid our website (www.soundbeachfire.org) and we are looking at including a "Customer Service Survey" on the site. The form will be used for civilians to leave comments and feedback about a specific alarm that we responded to. We think doing it online would be the best.

    Has any departments implemented such a program and, if so, how? Did you do it online? Do you have a list of the questions that you asked?

    One of the thoughts is to leave a postcard with the homeowner before leaving inviting them to the survey and/or to mail a link to the survey after the completion of the call. The goal is to provide a vehicle for the community to leave feedback so that we can improve and to direct them to the website so that they can learn more about who we are and what we do.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Smile little late

    Realize this is a little later, but.....
    We have done both, online and hard copy. Hard copy seemed to work better (considering in many instances their computer might not work anymore). Plus, people actually seemed to enjoy coming to the house and talking with us afterwards. I can E-mail or snail mail an example of our brochure to you, we also include with it a pamphlet we out together called "After the Fire" about who to contact for cleaning services, insurance, red cross, etc. I'll send you one of these as well if you would like.
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