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    Smile Need help with my training regimen for FF Combat Challenge!!

    I am a soon to be 32 female and in decent shape. I have been asked to join the combat challenge team in our area. I did the keiser machine for the first time with not too much trouble but by the time I got to the dummy drag...I had nothin left. I have looked up some training routines that some people do...and to tell you the truth, it looks more like a mathematical equation. Everything I read seems so complicated!!! I was hoping someone could help me. I need a routine that can help my endurance and my strength, but also be attainable at my fitness level. I know I need to start off slow, but I don't see anything for beginners like me. Everything I have read about people who have trained for this seem like olympic atheletes. Hopefully someday I can do very well at it, but for right now I just want to complete it in a decent time. I do have a gym membership, but I want to make sure I am doing the right kind of workout that can benefit me. I have also been tryong to run a lot too. I need some help with my nutrition guidelines as well.There is so many training workouts out there nowadays...I was hoping someone with some experience could help the person like me who is new to the challenge. Thanks!!

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    Short of having a practice setup, and racing it 'naked' (without bunker gear/air) and just running it in halves a couple times, its time to get creative.

    Find a 10-20 storey highrise building (ideally with an exterior stair), and run to the top as fast as you can. Three times, 2 or 3 times a week will get you on your way to the cardio portion.

    Otherwise, consider the stadium at your closest high school. Sprinting to the top, hopping each step, shuttle-running up and then down will help.

    Then get down on the track where its flat, and do some 400m repeats. Run one, walk 100 or 200m, run again. Start with what you can, push until you can make 12 of the passes running.

    Dont forget to stretch when your done!

    Having access to the keiser, work on technique. Get some guidance from the people on the team. People love being asked for help in a subject they know something about. Strength will come soon after. If you dont have a giant monster truck/tractor tire to beat on with a sledge, theyre easy to come by, and they can be good for developing strength.

    Doing pullups/ wieghted pullups, bent over rows will help with back endurance doing the hose hoist.

    I found the rest of the test is mostly legs. Get a sled to drag, two sections of empty 5 inch over your shoulder, and if nothing else, get someone to steer your car while you push it!

    Just realize going in that regardless of who lines up next to you, your first races are really just you against the clock. Aim to finish the first time, and then you have a goal to start trimming time off of.

    The Combat Challenge is tough, and recruiting for it seemed to be a bear, because of its degree of difficulty. Its a huge time commitment and requires a lot of discipline to be good at it. The rewards are subtle, but quite gratifying.

    Congratulations on your decision to try it!

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    Great advice by Skyline.

    I would only add that the guy's and girl's that do well in the Combat Challenge, practice the actual challenge until they're sick of it.

    Hopefully your team has a course set up. Get strong, increase your anaerobic capacity, and then practice the skill, which is the actual test.

    Congrats and goodluck!


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    Default Firefighter Combat Challenge

    Your posted seemed a little vague as to exactly what you have done in the challenge. Have you run the whole event or just run from the slammer to the finish, like in a tandem relay? If you have no legs at Randy, welcome to the challenge. Intervals are a good way to increase you aerobic level. Get yourself a good aerobic base then worry about fine tuning things. Tons of info can be found at our player association site @ http://claytonchallenge.com/bb/. With the start of the season 9.5 weeks off I'm looking forward to racing in DC in April. I am hoping we will be on the Mall again, as it makes an awesome back drop when at the top of the tower. This year will be my 16 season, one I am looking forward to. Hoping to do more tandem racing this year then in the past. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email at Fitguy51@yahoo.com

    Steve Bourassa
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