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    Hoping someone can help. Is the firefighter I designation a national certification. If it is what are the requirments for keeping your certification each year. I searched FEMA, and my local Fire Academy but couldn't find the answers. Thanks

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    You would have to apply for an IFSAC or NPQ seal, if your training facility is credentialed by either agency for it to be a "national certification." Even then some states do not recognize either seal.
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    Send me a PM with your have a person on your department that can help you out.
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    There is no official "national" firefighter, just as there is no official "national" EMT registry. It is up to each individual state to decide if they "want" to accept your certifications. This also goes for Hazmat and such. Either way, if they do accept you in another state, youll probably have to go through that departments academy anyways.

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