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    Default Need some Info...

    I'm currently in a school sponsored fire academy and I'm trying to get the definitions of , tower ladder, tormentor pole, and tilt up construction any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for you help.

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    well let's see....did you check in your IFSTA manual in the ladders chapter??

    A tower ladder is the the big white one on top of the aerial truck, a tormentor pole or stay pole is the pole used to stabilize a large ground ladder, like a 50 footer. Tilt up construction...also in the IFSTA is a construction type where the walls are built typically of cement, poured while horizontal and then raised or tilted to the vertical position. Usually found in large commercial buildings ie Home Depot etc.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Time to learn how to research

    There are numerous ways to find this out without having somebody else (like one of us) do your research for you. How did you research high school class papers? I just Googled "define tower ladder" and the answer was right there. I think most local firefighters also would be glad to help you, and getting to know them would be good for you.

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