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    Default Fire kills six in Youngstown Ohio

    Keep these brothers in your thoughts as they did the best they could. This fire was arson and with good work and cooperation with Police and Fire Investigators to make an arrest. Sadly enough it sounds as though it was caused over a cell phone dispute. Or as the new was reporting this evening. I'm sure there will be much more to come in the days to come.


    The fire at 1645 Stewart Avenue on the city's East side started just before*five-thirty this morning.* Flames fully engulfed the house, trapping the six *victims inside.
    Forty-six year old Carol Crawford,*twenty-three year old Jennifer Crawford, and Jennifer's four children...eight year old Raneija, five year old Jeannine, three year old Aleisha, and*two year old Brandon.
    Kevin Johnson, fire investigator, with Youngstown fire department states, "We believe an accellerant was used on the front porch. Through the use of the state fire marshall's K-9 dog, samples obtained and sent off to the state fire marshall's office in Columbus."
    Officials believe this fire is a retaliation.* They say someone at 1645 Stewart witnessed a fire that occurred just across the street on New Years Eve.* Police arrested one person, eighteen year old Michael Davis this afternoon.
    We'll have team coverage tonight on 27 news at five and six o'clock, to view video of the fire scene, click here.*
    You can also view the entire fire investigator's interview and an interview from a survivor of the fire.


    Many people were just waking up when the blaze broke out around 5:30 a.m.* But as the morning went on, more and more friends and family members showed up at the scene, obviously distraught and in shock over what had happened. The people we talked with say the Crawford's didn't have any enemies, and they can't believe someone would have intentionally set the fire that killed six people.
    "You've got six people that are dead.* Just this morning, six people, four children.", says next door neighbor Brenda Brown.
    And now the question everyone wants answered is why? Why six people's lives were cut short this morning, and why this house appears to have been the target for such a deadly arson. Friends and family continued to come to the scene this morning, not wanting to believe what they heard or saw.
    "They're the best people, you know, this is why everybody's here, they want to know what's going on and, that's the only thing I can say.", says the victims' cousin Tenisha Comer.
    Cheryl Kennedy remembers driving the children to daycare, "The kids are sweethearts, they were babies, you know, their hearts were open to everybody, they wanted to learn, they love people, they were good kids, they just loved everyone."
    Demeka Wilson was inside the home at the time of the fire and was lucky to make it out alive. She remembers the Crawford's as loving, caring people.
    "Nice to be around, willing to take you in if you needed help or anything, they were willing to give it to you with open arms and a big heart, they just really didn't deserve what happened at all.", says Wilson.
    This morning's tragedy took an emotional toll on Youngstown firefighters as well.* Some of them visibly shaken up at what they saw at the scene.
    "Especially after they get time to start thinking about it a little bit over the next day or two.* We'll talk to each one of them and see how they're doing.", says Youngstown Fire Chief John O'Neill.
    But for now the focus is on the family, as it should be, while they struggle to deal with the fact that six of their relatives are dead tonight because of this senseless act.
    State Fire Marshals will be looking into exactly what caused the fire.* Meanwhile, police are still investigating, and trying to give friends and family members some answers as to why this house was the target of this alleged arson.


    Eighteen year old Michael Davis is charged with six counts of aggravated murder and eleven counts of aggravated arson.
    In a press conference Wednesday afternoon, investigators say it's highly unusual to already have someone in custody, less than*twenty-four *hours*after the incident but one detective had a hunch Davis was involved.
    Police say they went to Davis' home, which isn't far from the arson scene, questioned and arrested him.* Davis was behind bars before*twelve-thirty Wednesday afternoon.
    Police would not comment on a motive, but say Davis' name was brought up in another arson on New Year's Eve.
    It is not known whether they're looking for more suspects, but police continue to investigate.
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    Very sad

    My thoughts are with the Youngstown firefighters. I can't imagine how tough it must be on them.
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    How sad. My thoughts go out to the Youngstown FD and all involved in this incident.

    What the hell is wrong with people these days? How could you do this to someone or somebody?

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    Thought and prayers with the family that lost 6, such a sad story.

    To my fellow brothers and sisters of the third, hang in there, we all know you did what you could!!!
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    I live around 20 minutes away from Y-Town. This is tragic. Stay strong.
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    Youngstown is just a stones throw away from our department as well. This is really sad. Just to re-iterate.. the arson is believed to because of a dispute over a cell phone.. TRULY SAD.

    The loss of four children in the fire over such a stupid and preventable thing.

    My sympathy and thoughts to the department and the family as well. I hope justice is brought.

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    Unhappy I Feel So Hurt For The Family and the FF's

    I am in Columbus, Ohio and saw the local news. One of hte FF's fell to his knees and began to cry. One of the family members was crying outside where the house burned down and had very little protection from the wicked cold. I hurt bad for all involved in putting out the fire and the victom's family and friends. May GOD bring them peace. What a horrible way to begin 2008.
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