Hi my names Bobby and i just wanted to tell everyone how great thsi site is and how great the firefigthing community is all across the nation. Ive really been interested in firefighting since i was about 8 visiting the local station in my town of South Boston multiple times. Well i now live in Florida and am currently about to become 16 and was wondering what i should do to prepare on becoming a firefighter. The laws down here state you must have a high school diploma and be at least 18 years of age to send in to become accepted. I just wanna know how this process really works and anything i can do like visit the station and maybe see if theres a program i can become a part of or just plain out try and help out around the station. The physical part is already underway since ive been running the bleachers at my highshcool with up to 30 lb bags and doing anyhting possible to get even fitter. So any answers or help would be appreciated and once again im glad t o be apart of the site and hjope to meet some firefighters how i can get advice from on becoming a firefighter.