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Thread: Great Fire Department Quotes

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    Talking Reminder

    With the passing of the great UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden, some of his homalies are being repeated. Per Hall of Fame Player Bill Walton, he says Coach Wooden passed him a note after one particularly tough win. "It's what you learn after you think you know everything is whats important." Bill says he still has the note and he keeps it in his wallet as an every day reminder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KanFireman View Post
    "I've been fighting fires for over thirty years and I haven't lost a foundation yet."
    He's obviously never dealt with a well advanced fire in a building with wooden basement walls...
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    Considering that stone and concrete are the only two accepted building materials to make a foundation with around here, mostly due to concerns over termite damages. You can use wooden pillions, but they must rest on either a concrete or stone anchor(footing). Another reason is we have tornadoes so lots of folks like the security of having a basement, complete with concrete/stone walls. So, I don't believe he has or probably ever will encounter a situation like that.

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    Default to the dept. noobs

    To the dept. noobs

    "Be quick to listen, and slow to speak"

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    When the communications operator asked the Chief, several times, who was operating on the scene for a progress report, finally he came back and said," We ain't making no damn progress!"

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