Hey my names bobby and I'm 16, before i begin i just want to say hi and that i and thankful to be part of the interest and in the future taking part in this career of firefighting. Ive been interested since i was about 8 in South Boston Massachusetts and would go to all the fire houses around the city since my dad knew them all and was once a trainee but had to drop out due to a severe car accident. But i currently wish to work here in Florida as a firefighter and from what I've looked up must be 18 and possess a high school diploma which i will be getting in two years once i graduate. I am a very good straight A student in school and am physically fit and train all the time with 25-20 lb bags on my back running miles and agility tests, crawling ,climbing, etc. But what i want to ask is if theres anything else i should do to prepare and or take part in a junior program if there is one and maybe if i should even go to the station to help out with anything and what is the whole process of becoming a firefighter. My friends dad is the chief at the local station and he tell me i would easily make it as long as i wasn't lazy like some of the guys and that there recruiting all the time. So i just wanna get to now a lot of you and would appreciate any help and tips from you experienced heroes and yet again would like to know the whole testing process and how long and what it really takes to get on the force. Thanks for any help