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    Default The third platoon.

    Where is it? Seriously, the rest of the US fire service ( the vast majority anyway) went to 3 platoons 20-30 years ago. Why is the Fed service so far behind. I know that some fed depts. do not have a tremendous call volume, but many civillian stations/departments are pretty slow and they still run 3-4 shifts.
    Where is the grassroots movement to bring the fed service up to current working hours?
    I currently work for a dept that is argueably the best in the fed system, so don't take this as a " woe is me/ i hate my job" diatribe. And while I am aware of exactly how much more I make in a year than my brother outside the gate, I also know how much less I make an hour. It is also a bit of a downer to see how many talented, eager, and intelligent young firefighters use this career as a stepping stone to city depts. solely due to the hours.
    I don't think I can elaborate too much more with coming off as terribly negative, so I'll stop writing and hope that this provokes some THOUGHTFULL discussion.

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    who can make that change and how do we contact that person?

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    Simple answer-$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Less people, fewer pensions and benefits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egon911 View Post
    I currently work for a dept that is argueably the best in the fed system
    I can argue w/ you on that one! If your proud of where you work, then obviously it will be the best department.

    As for cutting hours down. Like the post above, it boils down w/ money from the government. It was a sticking point a while back about the pay & hours. Will we keep the same pay for less hours going to a 48 or 56 schedule and hiring a whole new shift of personnal on top of it.?.

    Also the retirement is not the best in the civilian Federal Government (atleast here, compared to the municiple departments in California). I would rather see a change back to a pension style retirement rather than the Thrift Savings Plan that we currently pay into on top of Social Security.

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    Yes pension systems would be best, but if you decide to transfer over to a city department there is no rollover as with the tsp. As for the third platoon situation. The government thought it would be saving money by sticking with the two platoon system back when there were pensions and employees would not leave the department because they would loose their pension. Now that we have tsp and you can now roll it over to a municipal department people are leaving every chance they get. In which it cost the government more money to train another firefighter to fill that empty slot and to pay overtime for a firefighter to work while the trainee is in recruit school. Further more that slot keeps revolving, because as soon as another firefighter gets a opportunity to leave for a municipal position their gone. I Don't know how it is for the rest of your departments, but here in Hawaii, firefighters continue to leave for the main reason of a better schedule on top of that better hourly pay, health and retirement benefits. The municipal departments tend to pick up mostly anyone from out department that applies and passes the test, because the working relationship we have with the municipal department and the training and experience that we receive while in the department. There has to be a change.

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