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    Here is the entry I just finished on my Blog:

    I had the great honor to assist with the funeral ceremony of a fallen soldier yesterday.

    Petty Officer David Davison of the Navy was laid to rest in Guthrie yesterday. In addition to being a soldier, he was also the son of Batt. Chief Davison of the Guthrie Fire Department. My Fire Department was asked to assist Guthrie Fire Department by helping to cover their district, so that their crews could pay their respects and attend the funeral. The service was held in Edmond and the burial was in Guthrie, so the funeral procession was going to travel through our district to get to the cemetery. The members of my department that remained in district blocked the major intersections with our vehicles so that the parade could travel without interuptions.

    I was with the crew that went to Guthrie to assist with covering their district. We also had the assignment to cover a specific intersection inside the town and block trafic for the funeral procession. As we listened to the radio and heard that the procession was arriving in town we made our way to our post. We got the word that the first vehicles were just a few minutes away, and after assisting a few confused drivers, we were able to block the intersection without any problems. We lined up in front of the Engine, and from our point of view we were able to see the street as it came over the top of the hill about 200 feet in front of us. So we prepared ourselves for the procession to arive.

    Within about 30 seconds of us lining up we saw the first motorcycle officer from the Edmond PD come over the hill. About 10 seconds behind him another pair of motorcycle officers from Edmond were leading the procession. At this point we noticed the top of the US flag come over the hill and we started to salute. What I saw next caught me by surprise.

    Attached to the flag was a Harley Davidson, and attached to the Harley was one mean looking biker. At this point you could hear the thunder of motorcycles approaching. And before I was able to realize what was going on the street was filled with at least a hundred bikes.

    If you have never seen The Patriot Guard Riders, they are a sight you will not soon forget. They are leather-clad bikers, many of them veterans, that bring to mind images of old-school biker gangs. But here they are, in formation, many of them proudly displaying Old Glory, MIA-POW, and Armed Service Branch Flags from their bikes, to pay one last tribute to a fallen soldier.

    But their presence at military funerals brings to mind a sad thought: The Westboro Baptist Church. We found out later that their traveling van was seen around Edmond, but as far as I know the service, procession, and funeral was held without any sight of them.

    But as I was standing there, saluting in the best para-military way that I could, I felt a deep sense that today I am part of something much bigger. We recieved many salutes from the Patriot Guards, and many quiet nods as they made their turn to the cemetery in front of us. Most of all we saw many sad faces from these roughest and toughest of bikers, a sign of emotion that reminded all of us that we are here to pay respect to a man who has given his life for this nation and our freedoms.

    After another police car we saw the hearse approach, and I thought of the soldier and his family as they passed our position. If nothing else, I hope that our small part in this gave his family a knowledge that his sacrifice is not being taken for granted.

    We remained at attention as the rest of the vehicles passed us. Many people came to pay their respects to this soldier. We recieved more salutes, and many quiet thank you's. After the last vehicle passed us, and we cleared the street, I knew that nothing we did today could ever truly cover the scope of this soldiers sacrifice.

    Petty Officer Davison, I don't know you. If we could have met on the street we would have been strangers to each other. But I want to thank you for what you have done.
    "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." -- Benjamin Franklin

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    Rest In Peace, fellow soldier. Respect and sympathy to the family.

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    This is one of the best posts I've seen on these forums.

    MarcusKspn, great job.

    Some people fight to protect a home, some people fight to protect the homeland, and with each service, there is sacrifice. Billy Ray Cyrus said it best in his song, "All gave some, Some gave all."
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    Your memorial blog was heartwarming; thank you for posting it.

    Rest in Peace, Petty Officer David Davison.

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