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    Post gear

    If anyone could help out what would be the best type of gear to look into buying. Pro and Cons of the gear all suggestions welcomed.

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    I have gotten or had to wear a few different sets of gear of the years. I once had a custom fit set from Janesville. Seemed very comfortable, but I was not in it for a long time before I left the department. I'm currently in Morning Pride. I have two sets of this and like it for the most part. There are a couple of negatives. If you don't have the padded, reinforced knees (FDNY style) you will nee to patch the knees after a while if you do any decent amount of regular training. My second set of Morning Pride has the reinforced knees and I think they are fine. Some of the guys hate them due to the padding bunching up when you doff your bunker pants. If you get Morning Pride, and have belt loops on the pant shell, make sure they are raised up. If you wear a gut belt you will want the loops higher than what they normally come in.

    Now I'm getting a Globe gear so as to match the rest of the department. I have noticed that the Globe gear is significantly lighter than my current Morning Pride stuff. Not sure what all the differences are though.

    Sorry for being so long. Hope this helps.


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    Cool Gear

    In the past few years I have worn Morning Pride, Globe, Janesville Commando and Janesville V-Force, in that order. I must say by far the new V-Force from Janesville is the most comfortable, form fitting gear I have every worn, much nicer than the Commando. I think it is Janesville's top of the line, so you will pay a little more, but in my opinion it is worth it. It seems to be much more form fitting and flexible. The Morning Pride that I had was "custom fitted" but did not fit properly at all. It was heavy and bulky but I think my department bought it because it was the "popular gear" at the time.

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    stay away from morning puke it suppost to be so great. its to heavy and doesn't fit right jainesville is good secur tex is pretty good but exspencive i got in the middle of a flash over with my secur tex can't tell thought we have 2f5 made in canada. but its what ever you have the money to buy.

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