I've been an explorer for about three years now. At the department we used to be affiliated with, some of the old explorers decided to do something stupid and our post dicinigrated. That was last may. Over the summer, I, along with other original explorers started up a new post. We train bi-weekly with a neighbooring town's explorer post (along with every week with just our post), but all they usually do is go through the essentials book (I know its good material but it does get very boring after 3 or so hours) What I am getting at is that on the nights we have our post meetings, any ideas what we can do. Now before you start saying hose training, ladder ops, etc. We meet at the local boys and girls club and do to the local "politics" we have VERY limmited resources. We are actually a very equipped post (as in gear and tools) but no engines or trucks. IDEAS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!

Dan McPherson
Derry Public Service Explorer Post 720