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    Just had some questions, if anyone has some time. I would like to become a firefighter, but just don't know which classes I need to take, EMT, class B license if needed, etc. I know there's certain Fire Science courses to be taken at a few Junior Colleges, but I'm not sure which one's are the best to take to get into a department. Also does anyone know some good schools for EMT? Also are most California departments requiring you to be a paramedic to get into the departments? Thanks so much for the help.

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    go to your counselor at the college and ask him what classes you'd need to get a degree in the fire science field. if you want to go to a fire academy check if they have an emt course, i am currently in the Butte College Fire Academy, it's 19 weeks fire/emt, if you pass you get tons of certs, national registry emt. all depends on how hard you want to work. also think about becoming a paramedic.

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    I used to work in the Bay Area. PM me for more deailed help.

    Also, lots of information here- http://www.chabotfire.com/

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    I work in the bay area, your welcome to pm me......

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