O.K. The university is closed today. We are in a Blizzard with 48 mph winds and white-out conditions. For only the second time in eight year the school is closed. Having a snow day as an adult is almost as exciting as having one as a kid. We have had over 70 inches of snow this month and it appears to all be blowing around today. So here I sit at my home computer checking for any news from AFG. Still nothing. Sure would be nice to have some good news to warm the day! Windchills are touching 40 below outside. This should put us over 200 inches of snow this year so far. Maybe we could write a plow into the 2008 truck grant? Or tracks? I wonder if they make am M1 Abrams fire truck? I know Oshkosh makes a huge 8-wheeler for wildland. Think I could sell that to AFG as a structural truck?

See, Kurt, this is the perfect climate for you. No rain for five months of the year!

Here's hoping for some movement from AFG today.

Stay warm and safe.