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    I'm looking into doing volunteer firefighting here in richmond, va. I've been reading about the training and all of that. I do work a full time job, as i figure most volunteers do. What kind of time should I expect to be spending volunteering, aside from training? I understand there is no real way to know. There are too many variables. I'm just looking for a ballpark idea, so I know if this is something I can make work with my career. Thanks in advance.

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    It will definitely vary. There will be many variables: Dept size/number runs, Dept training requirements, family issues etc. It is extremely fulfilling to be a volly for me. Our Dept has training regularly so you are looking at 2-3 evening a month for that. Schools and training classes. My suggestion is to ask the local firefighters. They are the ones that would know. Some months wil be minimal and others will be consumed.

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    there is no real way to say how much time you would have to spend being a volly as in our department we train for at least 3 hrs once a week on thursdays plus then you have the time you need to take into consideration for call volums of your department. plus other things such as pr work, like parades and such and just remember this being a vol. firefighter isnt a 9-5 job but im sure you already know that
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    There are a number of different places to volunteer in the Richmond region, and the time requirements will vary depending on which department you join.

    Shoot me a PM, I'm also in the Richmond area, perhaps I can help shed some light on things for you.
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    Ok, here is how I trained with a full time job. Our department gives 2 year grace period to get your FFI/II, Hazmat and MFR.

    FFI/II and Hazmat: 6 month class, every Monday and Wednesday night 6pm-whenever we got done that night, usually 9:30-10:00, plus every other Saturday but sometimes every Saturday.

    MFR: 6 month class, every Thursday night 5:30-9:30, but sometimes went longer.

    Normal Training: Twice a month plus special practices if required. One training day is a Saurday, the other is a Monday evening.

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    so first off...hope u do join, its some of the most fun (although not always easy) job ive ever done, as well as the most rewarding. i used to live in the richmond area, in louisa county, and volunteered there...i dont think the city of richmond has a volunteer system, and im not sure about henrico county, i know the short pump area is covered by henrico county fire, which is paid...however ask around, if you see firemen sumwhere im sure theyll b happy to help ya out, as far as time...it all depends on how much time you wanna spend, some guys are at our station all the time, others only show up for calls n mandatory training, doesnt mean either ones a better fireman, jus sum people have more time...neways good luck man

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