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    Default How does you FD handle a Large Area Search?

    A Loaded question for sure.
    I am looking for information on how different FD's get it done. A large area search is as hairy as it gets, as they are usually in commercial buildings with a vast array of hazards. We all are well aware of T.I.C.'s and their vital importance here, but what I am looking for is the hose/rope/tag line you would be using in-case/when that camera stops working. Knots for distance? Tie off at turns, Knots for tag lines? Anchor at wall with 30 foot rope? Size of search crew? Attendent tracking "on air" time?....The list could go on. Please post your thoughts.

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    Tie off at entry door, with 100' of non rescue rope, This is a 4 man operation, first man goes 15 feet (approx) ties off and searches right side while 2nd man goes 15 feet out in front of him and searches left side, and so on. A hell of alot of ground can be covered like this.

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    Default Large area search lines

    I have found this bag to very helpful for large area searches.

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    Default Thanks for your information

    Thanks for your information. The hyperlinks were great. The lesson plan from Avillio and Sendelbach were very informative. Our department system is pretty well set up at the moment with a main line/ tag line system, with depth/directional knots on the main line. It works well but a couple of us were looking for anyone who uses retractable cable dog leashes for tag lines. It looks simple enough to us them to minimize the tangle issue, but I'm hopeing to talk to someone who has put them into service and if they have found any drawbacks to these retractables.

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    KCFD has a group of firemen that put on a terrific class after they lost a Chief several years ago in a commercial warehouse. I believe the link to their class is http://www.kcmo.org/fire.nsf/web/training?opendocument. It uses 2-2 man crews and use of a TIC. Great program and theory for large area searches.
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