i joined active navy when i was 18 and hated it. got out after 9 months while in C school. went to doctor and explained depression issues and let me out honorable discharge with re-enlistment code of like R4 or RE4 or something like that. i am now 24 and ever since have regretted my decision. always have wanted to serve and am much more mature as a young adult. thinking of going AF reserve for firefighting. asked a few recruiters of my chance of getting back in. most said shouldnt be more that writing a letter of intent and references like that. would have to be approved with waiver by some top guy but said overall chances were good. was wondering if anybody had this experience of known of anybody in similar situation? again i was a dumb depressed 18 year old kid. i have gone to emt school and worked odd jobs ever since. i dont see any reason why i couldnt get back in. please feedback your opinions. also is it possible to request deployment to iraq as AF reserve firefighter if you want to go over there?