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    Default OGURA Rescue Tools????

    Has anyone heard of Ogura Rescue Tools? Has anyone had any experience with their products? They look like they would be a great tool for a Tech Rescue or MUSAR team-- if they are powerful and durable.

    Let me know what you know!

    this is a link to their homepage... http://www.ogurarescuetools.com/
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    Default Yes I saw their booth at FDIC.

    This line of products seems very interesting. I did not work with them myself but at the booth they seemed to be very proficient at cutting re-bar and the
    square, and hallow 2x2 steel pieces. Im sure they would be great for cutting items like that,and security bars on windows. I also wouldn't see it to far fetched if they were able to do some extrication on small cars. But as for large in depth extrications I woldnt think their bite would be big enough. But I would love to hear from someone who has used them in the feild.

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