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    A friend of mine sent this link to me yesterday to Bel Air VFC in Maryland... They have a couple of the best videos I've ever watched... if you're into this kind of stuff like I am- The graphics and the time spent are pretty amazing. Thought I'd share the link.

    The two I am speaking of are the Introduction and the Banquet videos under video files at the following link-
    They are HUGE files and may take a minutes to load.

    Just wondering if anyone knows anything about these guys... Are they a Kentland-ish group or do they have a decent department?
    According to their history, they started EMS suppliment staffing in 2006 and answered 6,000 EMS runs. I don't believe it mentions how many fire runs they had for the year ut it does mention that in March of 2006, that answered 232 fire runs including 7 working structure fires and numerous large field/woods fires.
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