Hey everyone,

I saw the FF2 and FAE list online from the 2005 testand it states the list is active until 8/2009. THe last test just closed a few weeks ago and it looks like the new list will be out in April or May.

I was just wondering if the two list will be combined or if the old list will be replaced?

*** For those of you who do not know, you can see where your are on the list by going to the ca jobs website. The link to get there is below. You will need to find your ID number (it will be on your results letter and is 6 digits). This information is important because I was told that alot of canidates have actually bumped up. So if you were band 10, you could be in 9 now.


Just find your class (FF2, FAE, Fire Captain, ETC) and follow the steps. It's almost depressing because only 1% point seperates each list.

Stay safe,