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    Default Seniority Points on Promo Exam

    I am looking into how departments award Seniority points on promotional exams in a civil sevice department. Civil Service law here in Wv states points are given to seniority but the local commitee sets how. Currently my department gives 1 point per full year of service completed with no cap. Any info on how other departments do it would be appreciated.

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    In New York State, we receive .4 seniority points for each full year of service with a maximum of 8.0 points received for 20 years of service.

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    My department (5th largest in California) awards 1/2 point per year to a maximum of 5 points. This is significant because our candidates are often separated by tenths of a point.

    Just because someone has more time on the job doesn't maen he is more qualified to promote. Oftentimes a firefighter takes a break at a slow station and loses his edge. IMO it should not overcompensate for this.
    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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