Excellent for VFD Firefighters, EMS Responders, and all other uses that require a quality emergency lighting system. These just came off SO units & were replaced with LED system. I have several, all are in excellent working condition, they have clear lenses with 5 rotators which 2 are red, 2 blue, and center white. A red and blue flasher on lightbar bottom. The rear has a amber directional flasher with 7 lights. Each lightbar has the wiring harness but no switches. These retail well over $1000 new. The SO used them almost 3 years. I am offering them shipped within the USA for a total of $227.00. I will pay the shipping via GREYHOUND. Average shipping is 3-4 days. I will accept checks from FD & EMS agencies. Money Orders from individuals.
Reverend Louis Bernhardt
Telephone (281)595-2002
Cell (832)549-4696