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    Default Specific SOP/Rules

    Hi Everyone,

    I need a little help, but it is kind of specific. We have a junior program and have had one for 25 plus years now. We are looking to refine the program a little more. Right now our junior program is really laid back. No uniforms, nor scheduled training night, and more importantly no "uniformity". What I am looking for is any rules or SOP's for an organization that runs uniforms, scheduled weekly drill/meeting nights, physical training etc. I want something that to a point resembles a military organization, as far as respect and uniformity. Anyone have rules or a set-up or better yet SOP/SOG they can email me. I have a normal set of SOG's like most programs, but I am looking something geared more toward the military type of program. Also, any pros or cons people have found with this type of program. I need to jump start our program and get them in the correct mind set which I am afraid we are not doing now.

    Email: juniors147@yahoo.com


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    I'll try to send you all of our stuff later tonight. It sounds like what you are looking for.
    These opinions are mine and do not reflect the opinions of any organizations I am affiliated with.

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    My firehouse has all our SOG/SOPs online.


    Go to S.O.G.s on the side bar, and one of the selections is Explorers and Juniors.

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    Default by-laws

    We are re-doing our by-laws also. If you can I would like copies of your by-laws also.

    subject-explorer by-laws

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    For uniforms...we wear Black EMT Pants, a black belt, and a white polo shirt (tucked in ). We also have a little ID card that says "OBSERVER" which we wear.

    We are not allowed to stay after 2200 because Firefighters want to sleep

    Rules are pretty much a given:

    1. Show disrepect and a bad attitude and you are off the truck
    2. Don't use "bad" words even if the Firefighters/EMT's do
    3. Don't smoke
    4. Listen to the lead FF or lead EMT
    5. Shut your mouth when it comes to pt. information (aka HIPAA)
    you get the point.

    I normally bring something to do like a book, homework, or something to study. You dont want to be sitting there for 15 hours counting how many cars pass by.

    Thats all I can think of right now. Hope I helped a little

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