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    Default Officer Requirements

    I am looking for opinions as to what requirements firefighters must meet in order to be up for an officer spot in your vol dept. All of our officers (3 lieutenants, 1 captain, 1 asst. chief, 1 chief) are nominated and then voted on by the membership. What type of training/experience is required for officers? Any help would be great. Thanks

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    Here's what we require for our department. As some background, we have captains (typically fireground team leaders), two assistant chiefs (one in charge of fire operations, the other in charge of "special operations" such as EMS, rescue, and haz-mat), a deputy chief, and a chief.

    Captains are required FF I and II and two years on the department. Fire Officer I is "preferred" but not required.

    Assistant chiefs are required Officer I in addition to the captain level, plus another year on the department.

    Deputy chief is required the same as assistant chiefs, with Officer II "preferred" but not required.

    Chief is Officer II and 5 years on the department.

    We do allow some leaway at times, allowing a candidate to obtain the required courses within a year, or as soon as it is offered locally, if no one qualifies and we need to fill the spot.

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