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    Default Cairns Leather Helmet Sizing

    I am going to purchase a Cairns N6A next month and was wondering why some say Large and some Medium. Are the internal ratchet systems different sizes?


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    Find out what hat size hat you wear, check out what size range you fall into with regards to Cairns sizing and order that size helmet.

    Also, if your like me and wear a 7-3/8 hat size, I strongly recommend a Large helmet. Reason being, when you have a hood and mask on, a Medium will be too small.

    The ratchet is not what determines the helmet size, the helmet crown diameter is. A Large has a bigger diameter than a Medium.
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    If you have a real mellon head, even the large may be a bit tight. Mine is roomy left-to-right, but a bit tight front-to-back.

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