I know this has been asked before,but I have to ask again too be sure I am clear on the rule. I did a search on this and I thought I had found my answer til I found this link to US DOL site:


I know that it says it was last revised in 87 so I guess I have a two part question.

1) Is this still how this rule reads or has it been changed. I know that it was changed to where we are not considered to be professionals, execs, etc.

2) If my dept. tells me I have to go to a class do they have to pay me ot for the time I spend at class and at trainings required by the class on my off time,. They do pay ot for cont ed to keep the cert.

We are a paid dept with about 80 firefighters most are also emt, and emtp. We are located in northern Indiana if that matters. Thanks any input or direction to where I could find my answers is greatly appreicated.