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    Default Afd

    Austin Fire Department is taking applications on line until Feb 29, 2008.

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    I would also recommend figuring out the ideal place to live your life out.

    Me- If I was young again, no kids, not married and had a choice- it would be the Las Vegas area. Granted, they mainly want medics. But its a nice place to live, entertainment, housing, recreation, etc.

    Good luck.

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    Minneapolis isn't hiring right now, but you can have your name and address put on a list in the Human Resources Department to be notified when the City is hiring. E-mail them with your information if you have any interest in working there.

    humanresources@ci.minneapolis. mn.us

    I know that the Madison, WI FD will be taking applications again sometime next December. I had an interview with them recently, but I don't think I'll be getting on this time around, so I'll probably be giving it another shot. If Milwaukee starts a hiring process like SCSmith wrote about earlier in this thread, I'll be trying there too.

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    I am moving back to the waco area, but like the OP i have no ties or anything holding me down to a certain area.. i see that everyone is saying to test where ever they can? I'm assuming you mean the CSE?! and if thats the case dont you have to test for these in person? meaning that you will have to travel to take these test. i'm not a certified EMT or FF but i'm planning on attending MCC in waco for my certs. I'm assuming no department will hire until you recieve all of these certs???

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    If you want to apply to the Aurora, IL Fire Department, you should contact their Human Resources at (630) 844-3626 to get an application. That's what I'm doing. They have 11 stations and the population is about 170,000 and still growing like crazy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PortageFire53 View Post
    Currently living in Wisconsin and having a heck of a time landing a career firefighter position. The questions I have if you were looking to go somewhere and nothing was holding you back where would be the best state or states to focus on getting hired from? Wisconsin seems to have only a hand full of jobs posting through out the year. I'm a single guy and have no kids or obligations holding me here. Any help would be appreciated!!
    Where are some of the places that you've applied to so far? Have you tried Fitchburg, Sun Prairie, Janesville or Appleton. Those are the bigger departments that I know of, which aren't too far from where I live. I saw on another thread that Wauwatosa is taking applications.


    The link above is the one that was given for their job opening and the application.

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