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    Default Rookie Training Ideas

    Our Company in particular goes in spurts when it comes to new people joining as I'm sure many of your companies do. We are currently in the process of writing our own "in house" rookie training manual which will be full of things they will need to know and be proficient at before they can progress from their rookie status. What I'm hoping to get from this or help others to get is ideas on what we all feel should be required to move forward for newbies. I know I took Firefighter 1 within 3 months of joining but we're hoping to create our own so we can work with them personally. Any ideas on what to incorporate? Thanks and stay safe.

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    History, Traditions and Respect. We have found that a lot of the young kids we get now don't have respect for others. The days of "yes sir, no sir" are starting to die out. Just a little something else to add to your collection.

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