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    Default Performance review for rookies

    Small POC department is looking for guidance of setting 6 month and one year performance reviews. Espically profiency in BASIC tasks. Do you have any examples of standards and SOGs explaining how they are administered.

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    Default On-Call Performance Appraisals

    We have a Combination Department that has a very demanding On-call Division. We have Sergeants who oversee Squad units, and they facilitate training, performance appraisale, etc...

    I have attached the forms we've developed and utilize to track the On-Call firefighters. We believe that when there is a full-time opening, a qualified On-Call should be ready to step in based on his work record (i.e. attitude, attendence and commitment) that we have documented.

    Let me know if I can assist you in the future.

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    I can't seem to post the forms, but I can tell you what we do.

    For the first three months of employment, the company officer fills out a sheet every day.

    It has: did they show up on time, were they ready for work, what did they do to make themselves a better firefighter, did they do assigned station cleaning, really about 10 different ways to ask did they do their job.

    After three months, it goes to weekly, then to monthly until completion.

    Each month during probation they are assigned two chapters out of essentials. They have to perform all of the manual skills and pass a written exam with 80% or better.

    The second to last month is spent on driving and pumping with similar book / hands-on evaluations.

    The last month they take a written exam over everything that they have already done, and have to draw 10 skills out of a hat to perform.

    Their company officer is also supposed to document the completion of 4 manual skills every week day that they work during probation.

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