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    Default Vancouver Explosion Determined To Be Arson

    Ya don't see this in a Western city very often.

    Police confirm arson after explosion rocks Vancouver strip

    Andy Ivens, Canwest News Service Published: Wednesday, February 13, 2008

    VANCOUVER - An early-morning restaurant explosion that blew out several Vancouver storefronts, shattering windows down the block and sending debris onto the street, was the work of an arsonist using accelerant, Vancouver police confirmed Wednesday.

    Nobody was injured in the massive blast inside a Taco Del Mar on West Broadway, the city's main east-west thoroughfare.

    Within seconds, a man was seen emerging from the black smoke, then stopping to discard a burnt balaclava a half-block from the scene, according to one witness who heard the blast after midnight.

    The smoke was starting to roll very quickly," said the witness, who provided reporters with only his first name, Craig. "This was a matter of seconds after (the explosion). This individual stopped just below my window.

    "I thought, 'Why this individual at this hour would be not jogging but moving very quickly?' Through this smoke - it was almost eerie - this figure comes running."

    Craig, who said he lives in a third-floor apartment less than a block away, said the man he saw took two articles of clothing out of his pocket and threw them in the bushes.

    "Right away I thought this was not normal," said Craig, wearing a bright red beret. "The police told me it was a balaclava that was burnt and another piece of clothing."

    The blast, which damaged a Starbucks next door among other businesses, was so loud it rattled neighbours and shocked witnesses.

    "There was this giant boom," said Kathleen Bell, who saw the explosion.

    "It was like someone pounding on your chest," she said, adding the building was completely destroyed. "At first I couldn't even tell that it was a Starbucks."

    Across the street, windows were being replaced at the busy London Drugs outlet while gawkers stopped to examine the damage and take pictures on their cell phones.

    A guest at a hotel a half-block away was rocked out of her sleep with the sound of the window in her room exploding inward, said hotel manager David Goguen.

    The glass went flying "in and out of the room," said Goguen, who arrived on the scene about 3 a.m. and soon opened the hotel's restaurant as a courtesy to police and fire crews. {thumbs up there! }

    He said the guest, who asked not to be identified, "was very startled, very shaken," but decided to spend another hour in her room before catching her flight.

    "She said she heard a big explosion and saw a big fireball."

    Stephen Hackett surveyed the damage and marvelled at the strength of the blast that caused so much damage.

    "It's scary stuff," said Hackett, who works at the HSBC bank across the street.

    "That's my bus stop, I go to that Starbucks every morning. It's pretty shocking to think I go there every day."

    He said, "It looks like something in a movie or a war zone."


    Vancouver Province 2008

    Photo credit:
    An explosion in the 600-block West Broadway early Wednesday morning destroyed several businesses. Police and fire officials are investigating the incident. PROVINCE STAFF PHOTO BY JASON PAYNE [PNG Merlin Archive]
    Jason Payne/The Province
    Attached Images Attached Images  
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    The suspect is in the hospital. Took one cab from the scene and another cab to the hospital with 40% burns. Video proof from both cabs. They haven't arrested him yet because his health is their first concern, and he may not make it.
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    I sure hope this is the work of a one-off homegrown nut, and not the precurser to an Anti-Olympic campaign.

    We seriously have enough work to do already.
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