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    I have a question about minimum ages. Are they set in stone? When I started looking in to the fire service that was one of my first concerns. Being that as of right now I am only 18 years old. I have asked Instructors in the academy I am in, and I have been getting mixed responses. So I didn't know if someone could clarify it for me. It would not be a huge deal, but I live on my own and have since I was 16 and put a lot on a back burner to come to the fire academy. Between it and emt-b I have got some money tied up in it about 5000.00 dollars. So it is kind of important to me. It would really narrow the field if you had to be 21 years old or for that matter even 19 years old.
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    Hey, most depts that I know of have a 21 age minimum. You might be able to find some who accept younger, but I don't know of any off the top of my head. The best advice that I could give is to get yourself a general associates degree from a community college. Then you can apply that to any other degree such as fire science or a paramedic degree which will help you get hired when you're 21. If you're already in academy, finish it because it will still look good on your resume in a couple of years when you're 21.
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    Age for St. Louis City is 18. But it will probably be several years before they test again

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