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    No need to post non-politcal stuff here
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    Quote Originally Posted by njfyrmun View Post
    We are now required to cover the airport on the weekends while the airport manager is off. We fuel planes (AV Gas and Jet A) and this is done with a regular fuel pump nozzle...like the ones at the gas station (not the type that seals to the gas intake). We are also required to test fuel which means we have to siphon a half gallon of each fuel into a bucket; check it and pour it into a barrell...mind you we still have to wear our bunker gear in case we get a call. Anyone else think this is crazy or are we just suppose to do our job? How would you address this with the city manager who is the one who requires us to do these functions (he tells the chief what to do, so our chief's hands are "tied")? Who can we turn to?
    Especially in small towns, sometimes you have to smile and take it.

    Checking the fuel at the airport is a pain, but if you think about it as a chance to keep yourself familiar with the airport and all of its equipment, it is a bonus.

    I would have my bunker gear on the engine, but would not wear it while testing the fuel though. There is no safety reason to wear it while testing, and plenty of reasons not to wear it. If you get some fuel on your gear, it has to be removed from service until it is properly cleaned. If you go on a fire call while wearing contaminated gear, it won't protect you.

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