The LAFD has pulled all (13) 2007 Pierce Arrow XT pumpers from the field. Of the (12) in service, (9) have had multiple electrical problems. These problems have occured quite a few times on each rig. The problems stem from the driver losing the foot throttle while driving, to the apparatus not starting. Each time either problem has occurred, the driver has had to shut down the apparatus battery power and turn it back on. Some drivers have lost the cab throttle during emergency responses. Some drivers have turned the ignition switch on and had no power when the starter switch is pushed. Due to the high number of the same apparatus having the same mission critical problems, the LAFD has pulled all (12) out of service. The thirteenth apparatus has yet to go into service. The LAFD is waiting for the solution to this problem from Pierce.

There were similiar issues on a couple of the 2006 Pierce Arrow XT pumpers when they were new. The LAFD had to resolve this problem since Pierce threw their hands up in the air. An LAFD mechanic traced the problem to a wiring harness that was wired incorrectly.

Talk to the mechanics at the LAFD and see what they say about Pierce reliability. Since 2003 there has been issues with the TAK 4 independent suspension. To date, Pierce has yet to rectify them. One major issue was the tearing of the ball joint boots. Pierce blamed the operators of painting the them which caused them to tear. After inspection at the Pierce plant, it was found that they come painted from Pierce. Then they said the operators were pressure washing and tearing the boots. After multiple issues with the boots, Pierce sent mechanics out to show the LAFD how to replace the boots. Of course it took a special tool. Once they were replaced, the mechanics tested the apparatus and found that the boots tore during the test drive. Ended up being a manufacturers defect. All 2003-2007 Pierce pumpers have a slow speed shimmy while turning. They still don't know why it does that. They say it is normal. A majority of the TAK 4 IFS make a loud creaking noise while driving. They have yet to figure this out also. They have tried different material for the A arm thrust washers, which seems to have worked. After a year, they have yet to retrofit the entire fleet. They say the new material is still not proven. Ask Detroit FD if they have had any problems with theirs. Their stories mirror the LAFD. They are the reason for a nationwide recall of the pitman arm on all TAK 4 IFS. The LAFD is just starting to replace all of theirs.