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    Default Bid Seats VS. Bid Stations

    I work for a department that does not have a designated engineer nor does it have designated seats on an apparatus to bid. When one bids, they simply bid a house and then rotate through positions on the apparatus at that station. Are them many departments across the country that do this or do most have designated engineers and seats with designated responsibilties that are bid on. I am looking for everyones opinion reguarding the pros and cons of each....what does everybody think?

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    We bid shifts and stations when their is a retirement or promotion. We do not bid each station each year.

    Some apparatus are designated as special ops. To bid one of those companies you have to be a HAZMAT tech and have a 40 hour confined space card.

    Other companies are ALS engines. At least one person assigned has to be a paramedic. So if the paramedic retires or gets promoted then it is a paramedic only bid.

    It is better than not having any bidding system, but it is not perfect. It is all done off of time on the job regardless of rank. If you are a Captain bidding against another Captain they compare your hire date not your promotion date.

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    We don't have an engineers rank, but to drive a rig you have to be qualified on it and you get extra pay when your in the position.

    We don't have task-based seat assignments, other then engineer and company officer.

    Everyone in the department rotates on all apparatus/positions and stations at least once a year (except company officers), regardless of seniority.

    Assignments are done by the District Chief for each shift.

    About the only thing seniority counts for here is vacation picks and the pick of what part of the daily house cleaning you want (senior FF's don't scrub toilets).
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    No bids here, you go where you are assigned. Assignments are by company, but the bottom 5-6 guys on each shift bounce all over the place. If you're fortunate the BC will consider a request to work on a particular company, but our contract dictates some aspects of staffing. No engineer position either, all FFs are certified to drive and the senior FF chooses each shift to either drive or ride for the day.

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