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    Lightbulb RIT & EMS Training

    My dept has done RIT training as well as 2 of our neighboring depts and the 3 of us use each other for RIT at working structure fires. None of the three of us are first responders for EMS. My dept has rescue tools and a private amb. service, the others have FR seperate from the fire dept and assist us, their fr, or another dept with tools at mva's with extrication. I was wondering if all of my guys should be trained as EMS first reponders to be on a RIT? I am an EMT-IV Tech & 2 other guys are EMT-Basics (We're in Wisc & volunteer.) the rest of the dept has no formal training other than basic first aid taught at their jobs if any. Is there any written requirements/standards that all RIT members have some sort of EMS training? I would like it if everyone was trained to the level of a fr, but I would like to find some info to back up a proposal to get everyone trained if possible. Also, I would like to know your depts. minimum EMS training for RIT, if you got any.

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    We run a ambulance. As for the use of EMS with RIT the main focus would be getting the victim out of the environment they are in and out quickly as possible. As for once the victim is outside EMS can take over and provide pt care as needed.

    As for EMS. EMS should be on scene standing by at every fire in my eyes. Providing EMS and rehab for firefighters while operating on the fireground and after performing a RIT operation are needed as well I feel. The crews on the RIT team are going to get their asses kicked while performing their task.

    As for getting people up to a FR level if yopu can do it great! Even if it's just to look out for your own or neighboring fd members!

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    I think the idea of getting your RIT guys medically trained is a very good idea. In all reality, they won't necessarily be "treating" anybody while working to remove a down FF. However, there is a strong likelihood that spinal immobilization or other "special handling" may be in order for this FF and having personnel performing the "rescue" that are familiar with how to assess for potential injuries and then properly package and move that injured FF could be very beneficial.

    At the same time, this medical training could be useful on other calls - like MVAs - in case EMS has a delayed response or encounters more patients than resources until additional units arrive.

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    First Aid training in the fire service seems to be more important every day. Pretty soon it might be one in the same, as in some places it already is.

    I'm from a volunteer department, where there is a separate First Aid squad, so the fire department usually (I stress "usually" being as we don't get hit out for them, but I've been on the truck when we've been flagged down for someone having a heart attack) don't do medical runs, the FA handles them.

    As for RIT and First Aid, it would be nice to have, but I'm not sure if it would be useful. If a RIT/FAST team needs to deploy, usually sh*t's hitting the fan, or something's really wrong, I'm not sure if they'll be able to do stabilization on the victim while trying to get them out of a collapse or something. I'm sure there's some cases where they could use their FA skills, but I'm not sure if RIT/FAST is one of them. Just my thoughts.

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