As an up and coming firefighter (only 6 years on the job), I try and look towards the senior guys, not only in my departments, but across the nation, for tips and advice. In the last several years I've heard a lot about Andrew Fredericks from FDNY guys and others who had the privilege of working and knowing this extraordinary guy. The more I learned about him and read his articles, the more I wished I could of met this guy and just talked the job with him. This thread is two part. I would just like to hear from the brothers who new Andy or were fortunate enough to take a class from him at FDIC or something. Your experience and what you thought of him. I also was wondering if anyone knew what his badge/shield number was. I had seen several years back a tribute decal that was of his helmet shield, but have never been able to find one. I want to make some, but am not sure on his badge number.