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    There is a "rumor" that Eli Manning might make the cover of Madden 09. I dont think he should do it.

    "Michael Vick, marshall faulk, eddie george, vince young, ray lewis, randy johnson, owen nolan, mario lemeiux, bernard hopkins, roy jones jr, and dany heatley to that list as well. Those are just the guys off the top of my head, but look at their #'s the year they were on the cover of ea sports games. its astounding. hopkins lost (twice) for the first time in a decade...roy jones jr got knocked out twice...lemeiux had a cancer relapse...dany heatley crashed his porsche and killed a teammate...etc, etc, etc"

    They need to put Bill BiliDICK and Tom Brady on the cover...let KARMA take its course. Just my humble .02

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    I second that it also the same in the nascar game who ever is on the cover has a bad season too

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    Heatley was driving a Ferrari. - check it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by firefighterkid View Post
    Heatley was driving a Ferrari.
    You could be right...I dont know. I copied and pasted that portion cause it looked like some good info to post about the topic

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    I think they should put Peyton and Eli on Madden 09.

    They need to put Bill BiliDICK and Tom Brady on the cover...let KARMA take its course. Just my humble .02
    New England's Karma kicks butt. Ask the 18 teams they beat this past season. The Giants played better than we did, that's why they won the Super Bowl.

    PS: Eli didn't deserve the MVP. It should have gone to the Giant's defensive line!
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