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    Default getting ready for interview

    well `im about to have my 1`st interview, with my local fire department, in florida, i have a job with a private ambulance company as a emt, i was just wondering what kind of questions will be asked?? if anybody can help out that would be great!!

    i have heard some questions they have asked other peps before
    1. what would you do if you where in a burning building and had to make a choice of to take your partner or a baby out of the building ,who would you take, "my partner"

    2. if you witnessed a carcrash, and you where the 1`st one on scene and a lady came up and said she was a nurse at the e.r., who has control of the scene amd why?? " me because of the protcols i`munder"?

    if anybody knows of any thing else or if my answers are not right plezz help??
    i`m sure this could help out alot of peps, thanks

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    most of the questions i have had are generic ones like... what is your biggest strength and weakness, why do you want to become a firefighter, things like that.

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