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    Hey Carny,

    Thanks for the info. Would this be the case if the city decides to go with plan A. I checked on the website and it looks like plan B would have them doing away with 9 stations and laying off over 105 firefighters. Looks like plan A requires less of a cut, removing a couple ambulances. Just curious how this might pan out due to the fact that I think I scored pretty well and am moving forward with the oral board.

    Thanks for all the info
    Here is my "OPINION". Right now the city really does not have a clue what they're going to do. I do know that tomorrow they will vote on what to cut across the city for the next 6 months. That meeting is at 1:30 pm. If anything comes from it that pertains to this process I will post it here.

    Right now according to the news they are not going to cut the 2 ambulances that they put into service earlier this year. It was quite a big deal that CFD has ambulances unavailable on a regular basis and that's why they put the 2 ambulances in service to begin with. They also said they will cut some 40 hour positions and overtime. Cutting those 40 hour positions will just cause them to move people back onto the Companies and prevent paying out overtime. Apparently the Department usually spends 2-3 million a year on Overtime.

    As of right now the majority of our City Council has to be re-elected in November. Therefore they don't want to do anything at this point that may jeopardize their re-election. Once re-elected though, the real hard times could begin for the FD as this is the same time as the budget is completed for the next year.

    If I were you I would continue in this process to the end if they do complete it. You never know what may happen. Cleveland hired a class 11 years after the process was completed. Obviously you don't want to wait 11 years for a job but it is an option at least.

    I will also explain things a bit related to the Plans. Right now they want all city employees to take unpaid days off. As for the FD and PD, they are always open for business. I am not sure how they plan on accomplishing this except that they may perhaps start Browning out Companies. IF and when that starts happening that just opens the door for Companies to be cut. The city tried this in 2003 until they had a fatal fire in the first due of a browned out company. The very next day the Brown Outs stopped. I think the city in the end will try to cut companies but I don't know when that will be. Unfortunately for you, if companies are cut, less people need to be hired.

    I wish I could give you more info but I do not really know the finances of the city nor where the money is going. Do your best in this process if it continues. If you scored anywhere in the 90s or upper 80s you are in a very good spot to be in the first class if it should ever take place. Scores were a lot lower than what they normally have.

    The class of 1984 will be eligible to retire with 25 years on 7/15/09. Usually there are a few people who retire, but most of them will enter the DROP. That is a minimum of 3 years they must stay. The real big movement on the department will take place from 2013-2015.
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    Thanks again for all the info. Very informative. Thanks for breaking it down. I will look out for any info that you may have that comes out of the meeting tomorrow. I did score in the 90s on the written. Hopefully the process will continue on and I'll see what happens.

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    they have suspended the process and cancelled the oral boards.

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