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    Default Tips, hints and advice for newcomer

    hey, my name is Tim (obviously with the user name)
    Im 20 now and plan to attend the firefighting and emt school towards the end of this year. Im pretty sure im going to have to take the EMT classes first and then do the acadamy after just for money and time reasons. I am in Tampa florida and will be looking for a job in this general area when the time comes. I have tried to ask around here and nobody really wants to give me much info so I am turning to you guys.

    For the EMT school, it seems pretty strait foward. Take the class, take the state exam and pass? right?

    The acadmy. What kind of things do I need to prepair myself for? My understanding was that it is mostly physical exersise? Im in generally decent condition now but am working hard on getting in GOOD shape for this, what things should I really focus on being good at?

    How hard is it to get a job once schooling is complete?

    I was told by a few people that after hired I would have to get my Paramedic within 2 years, is this correct?

    Does the county/city/state help or cover the cost of the paramedic once your hired on with a department?

    Lastly, who gets to drive?? That looks fun!!! haha. thanks for any info and I am sorry if this is reposted questions, I did a search but couldnt really get the answers I was looking for.

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    Default I have questions too....

    Well, Im actually a FF/EMT in the chicago area. I just got out of a fire academy on a paid on call dept. What I can tell you is that I took the national registry test for the EMT. All you have to do is pass the class and either the state or national. Almost every state test is easier than the national but its worth it if you want to leave the state.

    I would definately take the EMT class first because you can work on a private ambulance while you go through the academy and when you are done with both you can put some job experience on your resume. Thats what i did... Privates arent the funnest jobs in the world but its better than most jobs.

    The best way to train for any academy is aerobics (running and other endurance exercises) Ive seen body builders drop like flies during training because they werent aerobicly in shape. I would start running... And once you become a paramedic, getting a job anywhere gets alot easier.... but you can get a job without it. Usually once you get a job, if you aren't a medic, most depts send you and pay for all of it. Im in medic school right now and most of the full time guys in my class are getting overtime to go to class and clinicals.

    Hope the info helps, Im not from florida so I dont know all the answers but alot of that stuff is pretty universal.

    So heres where my questions come in, Im thinking about moving down there, probably into the tampa area. How do you like it? Is the weather bearible? Any warnings or advice for someone wanting to relocate and start their career their. Im 20 and I like warm weather and I think it looks beautiful down there, but I dont know how much fun it would be going into burning buildings when its 110 degrees outside... Any comments or advice,
    Thanks man.......

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